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The Prayer Warrior


Bishop Smith’s first love of ministry is prayer. From the beginning of his ministerial training and development, he was attracted to the fragrance of prayer. His inquisitive mind and heart for spending time with God birthed a burden and thirst for prayer that has become Bishop’s lifeline. Prayer is by far Bishop’s passion and that fire burns deeply within. He is on a mission to have the body of Christ catch hold to this same flame that drives and consumes his heart.


The Prophet and the Preacher


Coupled with Bishop’s love and passion for prayer is his ability to hear the voice of God. Keenly in tune with the Spirit of God, Bishop is a prophetic voice that speaks with great accuracy, which is grounded in great caution. He lives to please God by speaking prophetic declarations and proclaiming the hidden mysteries of His word. With the greatest of humility, Bishop is honored to serve the Kingdom as a voice that declares and reveals the mind of God.


The Corporate Executive


For nearly three decades, Bishop Smith has built a meaningful and substantive career as a corporate executive. He has served as the President and CEO for several national enterprises across a myriad of sectors, including higher education, economic and community development, human services, and applied behavioral sciences. Bishop has pioneered the fields in which he has served and possess strong business and financial acumen. He is a proven executive and a savvy corporate fund development professional.  Bishop has been recruited across the country to help companies realize their visions for the future.


The Academician


Education is a critical element in Bishop’s life. As a proud graduate of the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, Bishop excelled in math, science, and public policy. He earned a bachelor’s degree in biology and a bachelor’s degree social science. Bishop also possesses a master’s and an earned doctorate in public policy and administration. He currently holds faculty appointments at Coppin State University and Grand Canyon University. The latter allows him to help guide doctoral students in the dissertation phase of their academic pursuits. His academic interests include public policy, research and statistics, and theology.-- 

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